terça-feira, 11 de dezembro de 2007

Lulu's Marble - Afro Girl

Hey cara, vc gosta dos Sonics, de batidas primitivas, guitarras e riffs no estilo Teen Trash? então o que está fazendo que nao baixou ainda este disco das Lulu´s Marble?


The Makers "Hip-Notic/Shout On!!

CD (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 1997, SFTRI 470)

Garage Trash de primeirissima linha...
1. Shout On, My Brothers 2. Explode Your Love 3. Dark 4. I Resent 5. Flowers Grow For Her 6.Fat Old Men 7. I Know Everything 8. Ten Fold 9. Witch Doctor 10. I Will Never Do it Again 11.Rattle Down 12. Potential Liability 13. Here It Comes 14. Social End Product 15. Inside Lookin Out 16. She is a Drag 17. Baby Please Don't Go 18. The Crusher 19. Don't Wanna Go Home 20. Pushin' To Hard 21. I Wanna Be Your Man 22. I Can't Find You 23. Li'l Red Riding Hood 24. I´m Not an Animal 25. Beaver Patrol.